ECC development plan


Epping Cricket Club is entering into an exciting new era with long term plans and ambitions. It is our intention to become the envy of every club in essex while maintaining strong community ties and family atmosphere. we want to be a club the Epping Community is proud of.

Our aims are:

To become one the most successful teams at ALL levels and age groups of cricket.
Promote home grown youth players into our 1st team to ensure our success is built on a love for the club and community.

To be ahead of our rivals in terms of coaching and development.
To have the best cricketing equipment in place to achieve our goals.
Constantly be expanding and improving facilities.
Invest in and obtain a second ground to allow team development and competition levels


We here at Epping Cricket Club want to be a club for the community and support local people and businesses whenever possible, while also maintaining our independence. we will achieve this by:

1. Working closely with Epping Sports Club for the benefit of cricket, tennis and bowls in the town.
2. Provide support for local charities by making ourselves available to host events.
3. Go out of our way to help and support local people, and providing showcases and advertisements for local businesses.
4. Provide a cricketing and social resource for young people in Epping.
5. Raising awareness among people of all ages that we are a club for Epping people to enjoy, participate in and support.

We will always want to remain at Lower Bury Lane, where we have been for over 100 years and, with the correct planning, redevelop the ground and its facilities accordingly. 
This is our home and we are proud of our long and extensive history with this site.

We also want to return to a 2 ground system to allow extra teams to be fielded, with the alternative pitch in the local area.

It is our intention to improve access to the ground to make it accessible all year round, providing car parking within the ground for all visitors.

We want to encourage families and visitors to the ground and have stocked our clubhouse accordingly, offering not just a licenced bar for the adults, but snacks and hot food and drink for visitors of all ages.

We are always looking for ways to re-develop and renovate our club-house to provide the best possible experience at out club. Our current plans include:

Making the clubhouse more disabled friendly
Re-designing the lay-out and re-develop accordingly to allow for a comfortable, friendly and fun atmosphere and surroundings.
Improve pitch-side area to allow for better seating and tables.


As an historic feature and a symbol to our 150+ years we intent to continue to use these changing rooms but modernise where and when needed.
Key Areas we will always be keen to improve and maintain are:

1. Showers, to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment, giving all the modern comforts of a at-home shower while maintaining the historic look.
2. Home and away changing rooms to always be comfort driven within the confines of the historic space and look. 
3. Toilets, (at rear of changing rooms) to be modernised whenever necessary.
4. Always paint, clean and repair to the highest standard, and crate a welcoming environment.


There are many pieces of equipment used in cricket and here at Epping Cricket Club we will continue to strive for the best practice and playing facilities for adults and children:
Among the many items we aim to ALWAYS provide are:

1. Covers for wicket, (as state of the art as possible).
2. Nets, (increasing the amount and condition whenever needed).
3. Practise and training equipment, (aiming to be on the front line of cutting edge technology with ALL equipment).
4. Colts/Kwik cricket practice kits and balls. (best possible)
5. Practice and match stumps, bails. (don't we all love the light up ones).
6. Scoreboard, (hopefully and fully functional electronic one with built in clock).
7. We currently employ a professional groundsman who does a fantastic job at providing excellent playing pitches.
8. Secure storage facilities, (hopefully incorporated into any future clubhouse design). 



We will:

1. To provide the best possible standard of cricket by maintaining our status in the Shepherd Neame Essex League, the Essex League Cup, and other year round competitions, (see the competition section of website).
2. Our colts to attend regular practices for all ages, undertaken by qualified and CRB checked coaches.
3. Our colts to represent the club in matches both at under-age and adult levels. 
4. Give our young players a thorough grounding in the game and an enjoyment in playing cricket that enables them to go on and succeed.
5. Maintain fairness in selection, we have a selection chairman for Saturdays and Sundays.
6. We intend not to pay players to play.
7. We have a club appointed scorer.
9. We will stage special club cricket festival every July.

We are self funded and not for profit. any money made is re-invested back into the club and always will be. Nobody makes any profit in running the club.
1. Our players pay annual subscriptions and/or match fees. our aim is to drive these fees down by obtaining alternate funding.
2. Personal donations from members/friends of club/relatives.
3. Bar and refreshments takings.
4. Social events - quiz nights in and out of season, end of season dinner and dance, discos, race nights among others.
5. Maintaining our ECB clubmark.
6. Seek funding from external charitable organisations - Epping Town and Forest District Councils, the Sports Council, Lottery.
7. Stage our own fundraising events which encourage the community to support the club.
8. Encourage corporate sponsorship – getting local business/individuals involved in the club.
9. Hiring out our ground, bar and facilities to members and/or local groups.


1. Get local newspapers and publications involved and supporting the club.
2. Entering into mutual promoting agreements with other locally based groups.
3. To promote events on our website and the club noticeboard.
4. To hold community events and open days.