200 Club Info

  The '200 Club'

The ‘200 Club’ is a quarterly draw open to members and friends of Epping C.C. with the dual purpose of awarding cash prizes to participants and raising much needed funds for the Club.Subscription to the '200 Club', and entry to the draw, costs the equivalent of only £1 a month for a minimum of twelve months - there is no limit on the number of entries per person.

Participants are allocated a separate number from 1 to 200 for each entry and a quarterly draw is held whereby three numbers from 1 to 200 are randomly selected. Cash prizes, payable by cheque, are awarded to the first, second and third numbers drawn each quarter. Results are posted here, on the website, and in the clubhouse during the summer months.

PLEASE NOTE: You can have as many numbers as you wish, each number wil cost you £1 per month but if you want to increase your chance of winning why not have another number.

The Cricket Club committee is aware that fundrasing is one of the key areas in which we can enhance our existing activities. Maintenance of the ground and clubhouse is increasingly expensive and of course additional funds will be required if we ever hope to significantly improve our facilities. Your committee therefore urges you to participate in this scheme and to encourage friends and family to do so as well. 

How To Enter

A separate bank account has been established with the Club’s bankers for the purpose of managing ‘200 Club’ funds, so as to ensure that all financial dealings are isolated and transparent. Anyone wishing to participate should complete a STANDING ORDER FORM to generate a single annual payment of £12 to the ‘200 Club’, and return it to Peter Simpson. You willl then be registered as a member of the ‘200 Club’ and your form forwarded to your bank for them to process your standing order request.